"Thank you for this amazing experience!

It is something I am DEFINITELY going to

remember for a lifetime."

-- Breanna Sheffield


Hear what others have experienced, felt and remembered. What will you discover in a photo shoot for yourself?

A Model's Perspective

The Beauty In Loving Yourself

An interview and inside look at Nelson Arietta's modeling photo shoot. His rise to success, the challenges he's faced and a look at how his photo shoot unfolded.

What one woman discovers in a photo shoot to celebrate herself on her Birthday.

Being Reminded of that beautiful person that you are.

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BEST OF Lessons.com "Our Top Pics"

BEST OF Fash.com "The Best Pros"

fStop Professional Photography Magazine

NJ BRIDE MAGAZINE "Editors Choice Photographer"



MAKEDA Magazine

KAVYAR Magazine

MALVIE Magazine

ROIDX Magazine




Erika Tel

"So I’m going to just say this.. I never really like pictures of myself. I’m very self conscious about certain parts and it’s hard to get passed a selfie.. this photo shoot proved me wrong. I may not be perfect, but this showed me that I can still be beautiful in my own way. This is me.. this is 55.. this is 2020.. A big thank you to Monica Hahn Photography and Monica Hahn) for helping me cross this off my bucket list and for making me feel amazing.. I have no words."


Jen Lahman

"Thanks it was so much more fun in the end than I had anticipated! You really are great at making people feel comfortable doing something that feels awkward at first. I was so excited to tell my friend about all of it. I wanted to walk away feeling like I looked like an adult. I always look much younger than people expect and I felt like you captured me as an adult. Plus feeling pretty in a way I usually don’t was an unexpected surprise. Thanks a million!!"


Kimberly Gatto

"What an amazing day she (kristina) had with Monica Hahn Photography - the experience itself was transformative, not only in photos, but inner confidence, too. Such a wonderful time in her life, to capture these photos! Thank you Monica!!!"


Kimberly Kern - Birthday Gift

"I had the best birthday present this year from my husband Jason Kern. ❤❤I've always wanted to be pampered like a model for a day and my wishes came true with an unbelievable photographer Monica Djeu Hahn and talented makeup artist Madelyn Jelinski. Thank you ladies! I will treasure the experience and photos forever"


Caroline Heinle, Model & Actress

"Working with Monica and her team was truly a magical experience. I am a professional actor and commercial model and have shot with a lot of photographers over the years, but this day definitely takes the cake. From start to finish Monica was warm, welcoming, friendly and INSPIRED! The pieces she created for me to wear were absolutely stunning and so creative!! -Combined with Hair and Make-Up by the lovely and talented Cristine Tozser -- It created a magical masterpiece which had me feeling like a real-life princess! Sometimes shoots can be overwhelming, but a good photographer assists in creating a relaxing, friendly and safe environment so that you can let loose, be yourself and bring your best work. THAT is where the magic happens and what produces stunning photos. And THAT is exactly what Monica does. I feel very privileged to have worked with her and hope to collaborate with her again in the very near future. I cannot recommend her enough! As a beautifully, talented photographer and stunning human being :) Thank you for everything Monica Hahn Photography!

Oh and PS- Since I've been posting my photos on my Instagram and Facebook Pages, it's attracted a lot of attention and even had a new agency reach out to me! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Monica!!!"



"I had a great time today, you have a great way with people...All going to plan there will also be the rest of the leadership team from the company to photograph over the next few months. Many thanks"


Arabhis, Multi Dimensional Womban T. V

"Monica is such a kind soul who knows how to bring out the most authentic beauty in any woman, she taught me how to emphasize my curves and brought out the beauty in my smile and eyes. I feel more like myself now! Love the overall experience from the moment I walked in until I left.😇 BOOK HER NOW!"


Bienna Ursula, Good Light Magazine

"I have collaborated with Monica for a magazine article (and photos) for a magazine I produce and I can only sincerely say that the team and I agreed that it was the most meaningful issue we have produced because of Monica's work ethic, dedication, and the heart she put into the people and work she does. I love her work! I promise you'll love working with her and the photos she creates!"


Pricilla Gandel

"Monica these pics are great!  Ava (my daughter) looked at them and said the nicest thing ever:  "I hope I look like you when I'm old."  I really loved working with you.  Thank you.


Rhea Villanti

"I am blown away by what you did.  I can't thank you enough...He LOVED them. He is so excited.  Every woman should do this - I got an even better reaction than I thought."


Angelie Ferrante

"Thank you Monica for one of the most wonderful experiences Casey has had. Your work is absolutely beautiful. One of the best decisions I've made. Love love love!..... {this} Was such a great experience! So happy we did it and your work is beautiful!!! "


Edya Martula

"Monica - many thanks to you and your team!! Maya cannot stop talking about how fabulous you are and how much she enjoyed and loved every minute of it.  And to be honest, Jiselle and I said the same thing :) We cannot wait to see the pictures! Thank you for such a fun day for the girls! We appreciate your professionalism, and what an amazing sense of style you and your team have!! I am impressed with your work beyond words. Thank u!!!"


Denise & Amanda

"I can't begin to find the words to describe what an amazing experience we had during our photo shoot. You are full of energy, creativity and are a genuine professional in every aspect of the word. As many wonderful things as Mitch had to say about you, they paled in comparison to meeting you.  Amanda and I felt at ease the minute we met you. You encouraged us to have fun and relax; which is exactly what we did. We had a blast! ...From the bottom of our hearts we sincerely thank you for a mother/daughter experience & beauty transformation we will never forget! "


Kerry DiGiovanni, TV Actress & Model

"Though I have had many photographers in the past, I have never had such an amazing shoot, as I had with Monica. We were shooting all snowy day, and loving every minute of it. The artistic chemistry flooded the studio and we created beautiful pictures because of it. Her studio has a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which is very important to me. Shoots can be intimidating, and atmosphere can set the mood for all your photos. I am more then pleased with my photos, they are elegant and pieces of timeless artistic beauty. I would highly recommend Monica, and would love to work with her in the future."

Experience YOU

In A Whole New Light

Celebrate yourself, your loved ones and relationships in a whole new experience. Enjoy a day at our studios with hair, makeup, wardrobe & styling in a fully guided engaging photo shoot that will leave you feeling invigorated and looking gorgeous.

See yourself in a whole new light and relish in these artistically styled photos that you and your family will look back on for generations to come.

Get STarted Now


Cheryl Barbagallo

"Ladies, if you are at a crossroad in your life or trying to discover the “new you “or feel the flame inside you that wants to ignite, here is the place to begin your new journey! And yes, it is a journey! I laughed, I smiled, I giggled, and I even cried. Monica did all this in one photo session. She is amazing! Because of her I feel a new sense of discovery and am ready for my new journey in life! Yes, this photo shoot affected me this way. It was so powerful I can’t even explain or express the gratitude I have for Monica and this session. She has helped shed the old me and now I am on my way to becoming the person I want to be. Just think…. all this from one amazing photoshoot. It was a fascinating experience."


Danee Freida

"I just wanted to take the time to express my utmost gratitude for you taking the time to help me out with my head shots... I can't tell you how amazing the whole experience was, and how grateful I am that you were able to do this on such short notice!!! The shots came out amazing and my Facebook and Instagram have blown up for the past two days with everyone raving about how awesome the shots were! A friend of mine actually was looking for a photographer for her engagement photos so I gave her your information as well! I'm so incredibly happy with my shots I can't thank you enough! You made me feel look and feel so beautiful and comfortable with everything, and it definitely shows in the shots! You're so talented and I really can't thank you enough for everything you did!!


Johanna Varaitis

"I must say,spending the day@Monica Hahn Photography a week ago,was one of the most enjoyable and exciting events in my recent repertoire- We laughed, joked,enjoyed a lovely lunch and in between times got down to some serious photography!Monica's comments and insights were beyond belief.Personally I feel each life and personality are an accumulation of experiences,joys,sorrows,pleasures and loves.My lifetime consisted of all of the above plus much responsibility,hard work,sacrifice,sometimes struggle and many moments of happiness. All makes for the "whole person". It's amazing how this lovely young woman, Monica Hahn and makeup person can intuitively transform a person into a "work of art". 


Kody Naylor

"Shooting with Monica was awesome! She is very professional and welcoming. Monica is very helpful during the shoot and makes you feel very comfortable. As someone who is just stepping foot into the modeling industry, Monica had so much knowledge and advice to offer me. The images she produces are excellent and I would love to shoot with her again. Thank you Monica for everything!"


Erin Dockery

"This was a phenomenal experience. Simply Phenomenal. I am a novice. A novice as in I knew nothing about my camera until today. Monica Hahn is the best of the best. She is patient and kind and thorough. On the very first day, Monica had me taking pictures that I could only dream of. She factored in my goals and took me through a very unique process of learning my camera, my lenses, and light. Best of all she put everything into terms I could understand, when books and tutorials left me bewildered and confused. As much as I want to, it would be a shame to keep this experience to myself. If you are ready to learn photography, look no further than Monica Hahn!"


Maria S. Miller

"I love working with Monica Hahn. She has a positive and encouraging attitude. Rather than tell me I’m doing something wrong she provides ideas for how to improve my photographs. She helps me focus on the big picture and the tiny details in images. I really appreciate Monica’s passion for photography and her creative way of seeing things. In a few sessions I have improved the quality of my images and greatly enhanced my editing skills....and I’m getting positive comments about my images on Social Media."


Marilyn M.

"Monica Hahn literally changed my life. Although I had some reluctance because I was concerned about misrepresenting myself as better looking or more glamorous than I am, I decided to get my picture taken for linked in and match.com professionally to present a more polished expression than I can with my own photos. The shoot with Monica and the results turned out to be so much more than I imagined, turned out the old pictures were the misrepresentation, not the new ones. Monica saw the real me more than I ever had and captured me with her camera.Monica is truly brilliant! Any woman with confidence issues (and there are so many of us) could benefit from a photo shoot with Monica. Now I see what others have seen in me and it has totally reformed my self image . And, by the way, I don’t even have time for dates with all the match men now interested, thanks to my new profile pictures.!!"


Lana Watson (Mark Watson)

"I sent my son, Mark, to have his a athletic fencing portrait done after I saw some of Monica Hahn's earlier work. The end result was nothing short of AMAZING. Although no one in our family could be considered photogenic, Monica took the time to get to know him and relax him and she was able to capture a very natural feeling during the photo shoot. Even HE was happy with the portraits and there were so many striking photos from which to choose. I can truthfully say that Mark's fencing portraits were 10 times better than his senior portrait and well-worth the cost. I love the idea of portraiture specific to fencing, and Monica goes the extra mile to write up a personal bio to include in his 'Fenceography'. I highly recommend Fenceography (a subsidiary of Monica Hahn Photography) studio and Monica Hahn to anyone who is looking for a beautiful and lasting keepsake of their child's fencing life."


Jillian Spano - MMG Model & National Pageant Director

"My experience with Monica was absolutely perfect. From my first encounter with Monica she paid such attention and time to detail. She was highly engaged from preparation (months before the actual shoot) until our last and final shot of the day. Monica really takes pride in not only her work but in her models! The Hair and MUA was also absolutely phenomenal. Alecia thoughtfully planned out all of my makeup and hair looks according to the mood and wardrobe. I can't thank Monica and Alecia enough for an amazing experience!

I absolutely love them (images)! I can't wait to share them with MMG (Model Management Group Agency) this morning. You are truly talented and your work is such an art! You are also a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much in our two shoots together! Looking forward for more to come."


Dorian Baccari, Over 40 Model

"I recently completed a "Modeling Posing" workshop with Monica and Nicole at the studio and I HIGHLY recommend this Posing workshop as a FIRST step or refresher for anyone interested in the modeling profession. As a new model, who worked with many photographers and already completed my portfolio, I did not feel fully comfortable and confident with my poses. This class was a comprehensive class and taught me so much about flow posing, touch point posing and body breaking and was broken down in detail by each body part from head to toe. More importantly, the workshop was tailored specifically to my body type and as a model you learn very quickly that not all poses look good on all body types. The workshop covered so much more than posing, for example, understanding your wardrobe and understanding what or who you are modeling for. Had I done this class before completing my modeling portfolio, I know I could have collaborated and contributed much more creatively with the photographers. This class is a MUST for all model types and definitely fills a void in the modeling industry which lacks a workshop of this type. Monica and Nicole are also two very special people with infectious energy and positivity and are determined to make sure you are well prepared, comfortable and confident for future photoshoots. I am so grateful to have worked with such a creative and talented team and I cannot thank Monica and Nicole enough for guiding and sharing their expertise with me."


Lauren M., Booking Agent

"Wow is all I can say. First off I am so impressed with the variety of locations and poses you were able to get! These turned out incredible, the looks, location changes and backgrounds are all perfect. I have to say I'm also shocked / impressed with how natural Daniel looks in these. This being his first shoot ever, I was expecting a lot less but I am ecstatic with how these turned out so thank you for all your help! I think we are going to be able to book him for a ton of sport specific stuff as well as life-style shoots, especially after seeing these."


Patricia Pellegrino

"Monica was the photographer for my daughter Chelsea Pellegrino's head shots for modeling. We could not be happier with the results of the shoot! Monica captured so many awesome images of Chelsea it literally was painful to choose just the few we could use in the portfolio. Monica's guidance with Chelsea and patience was so professional. We recently sent out Chelsea's online gallery and had a call to an open call for Wilhelmena Philadelphia. This was Chelsea's first experience with an open call so nerves were a factor. We went with our portfolio from Monica and the Look Book as well. Chelsea did great for a first timer. She tried to remember all of the little tricks Monica had shown her during her photo shoot while walking the runway. At the end the Casting Directors offered critiques of anyone's portfolios. We listened to near by people being told their portfolio was lacking this and that etc... When they took Chelsea's they took the time to look at every picture and there was no negative comments. They thought the pictures showed a wide variation of looks for Chelsea. The one comment was "you look today like you look in your portfolio". They then were very interested in her Look Book again looking at every image with words like "this is beautiful",Wow"and "breathtaking". The only critique we left with that day was to add more of the Look Book photos into the portfolio book. So great job Monica in making this experience one worth remembering and we sooooo look forward to working with you again! I highly recommend Monica to anyone looking to start their modeling career because you definitely get excellent results."


Cori Semi, Mom & Actress

"Monica, you gave me a day of pampering and glorious FUN in front of the camera! I've always wanted to do this and I figured the year I turned 40 was as good a time as any. In fact, the BEST time to do this. I celebrate my years. I also have my sights on using some of this material in other aspects of my life. Thank you for making me feel beautiful yesterday Monica. Truly had a BLAST!"


Peter Williams, Realtor

"The Ultimate Professional, Monica was so knowledgeable and helpful in making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Monica took brilliant pictures and was such a pleasure to work with, will recommend her for sure!


Edyta Martula

"Monica - many thanks to you and your team!! Maya cannot stop talking about how fabulous you are and how much she enjoyed and loved every minute of it. And to be honest, Jiselle and I said the same thing :) We canot wait to see the pictures! Thank you for such a fun day for the girls! We appreciate your professionalism, and what an amazing sense of style you and your team have!! I am impressed with your work beyond words. Thank u!!!"


Cindy Suozzi

"You are a true professional. You captured beauty in so many photo's and have a great creative style. Thank you for making my daughter feel at ease, she had such a blast! I can't wait to pick up my photos for my holiday gifts..whew.. off my to do list LOL and no stress this year!!!"


Yuko Motoki, Mother & Business Enterpreneur

"Thank you Monica Hahn Photography for this extraordinary experience. I wanted a portrait of ME, not a picture of Jojo's mom. I mean, there's nothing I wouldn't do for my kids and love being their mom, but wanted to capture ME of now. Monica, you are amazing the way you can bring different expressions out of me… Of course, being a mom is ME too. But there are so many sides of ME that I have forgotten or ignored for a long time. Thank you Olivia Cui for the beautiful makeover. And again, Thank you Monica for capturing ME as well as who I want to be. Sophisticated and Graceful. Passionate and Sincere. Having Confidence and Strength. and always grateful."


Kelly McLaughlin Hagan

"Thanks for the note and all of the BEAUTIFUL photographs of my girlies!! You have captured their unique personalities in a timeless group of images! So pleased that we did this...my mother is over the moon....I am SO thrilled with your work!!"


Mairead Fahy, Senior Dance Company

""I absolutely love them (my images)! I'm so happy with how they came out, my mom and I are struggling to choose which ones we want! We like them all! I cannot thank you enough for working with me and teaching me how to get some good shots! They could not have possibly come out so well without you making me feel so comfortable."


Joanne White

""Thanks so much for everything! She is so happy with the images. The entire experience was such a good one for her. In addition to your incredible talent with your photography, you have such a unique way of making people around you feel special and inspired. I suspect you've been told that before, but I'm sure it couldn't hurt to hear it again!"


Elisa Odell

"I loved all the pictures it was so hard to choose. These are the best shot of my daughter that have ever been taken. Thank you so much!"






Susan Brierly, NJ Monthly Editor

"Monica is such a talented photographer and creative director. After giving Monica Hahn Photography well-deserved editorial coverage in New Jersey Monthly magazine, I experienced her "Model for a day"; photo session and was wowed by her skill and professionalism. Monica's keen sense of composition and lighting are evident in the final results and I highly recommend her for any type of portraiture"


Jaime Ayala

"I had a great experience during my photo-shoot, which was also the first one. Monica Djeu Hahn was very positive, enthusiastic, and encouraging. The way she plays with the lighting is amazing thus creating pictures that give a unique feeling. I loved working with her, I really recommend FenceOgraphy (a sports division of Monica Hahn Photography) for your fencing pictures for your fencing club or for yourself to have a great memory"


Genalyn Po {Rhodes}

"The pictures and album were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally loved them...They too are phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Zander totally loved the photo shoot and loved the experience...and everyone who has seen your work totally loved it. Everyone has commented on how well you captured emotions in both the candids and the "posed" pictures."


Rhea MV.

"Monica, simply put - you work magic. With a slightly different angle, different lighting - voila, a gorgeous, flawless photo. I am so happy we did this. I would encourage every woman to treat herself to this. I am so thrilled with all the beautiful photos. Truly an amazing talent you have."


Nicole Portantiere

"I accompanied a friend of mine to her photo shoot with Monica over the weekend. Immediately, we were greeted with warmth and smiles. Monica radiates positively and sincerity, making the process of shooting even more enjoyable. Watching Monica work was fantastic. She clearly has an extensive knowledge of and passion for photography. She is highly creative and conceptual, and the pre-edited photos are absolutely beautiful."


Sarah White

"Being a part of the team and also getting some shots taken was an unforgettable experience. For anyone who is nervous or apprehensive as I was- go for it! It's not just for models, Monica and the team work closely together to make any client feel comfortable and fun photo shoot all together!"


Anika Canta, Senior Dance Company

"My photoshoot with Monica was such a pleasant and fun experience! She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and the pictures come out beautifully. Highly recommend for dancers who want a dance photo shoot or anyone who wants amazing pictures :)"


Denise Williams

"From the beginning to the end, Monica puts her passion on her sleeves... she will definitely give you more than your money's worth! Between her well planned out details for the direction of the shoot, to her pickiness to get the absolute best lighting, to the execution of the shoot itself, you are in great hands! It's refreshing and reflected in the quality of her work. You don't have to worry about your attire, hair or make up... just click, click, click... photos to live for!"

How glad will you be that you did this?



Alexandria Webster

"I just recently had my Boudoir shoot with Monica. I was so nervous. It is definitely not an easy thing to get almost naked in front of someone and take direction while having them photograph such an intimate moment with you. By time time we got to shooting, I felt so comfortable. I could even see it in the images as time went on (she let me take sneak peaks to ease my anxiety). I didn't plan on purchasing the whole album but I couldn't choose! I had to have them all! Do yourself a favor and book with Monica. I am excited to come back in for head shots after my wedding!”"


Betty Bernarski

"Both my daughters had photo shoots with Monica and they loved the experience. She has a way about her that draws out the personalities of the shyest person and is able to capture those magical moments on "film". The preparation materials that she provides before the shoot really helped the kids to plan and to understand what to expect. And now I have a beautiful album to look back on. Overall, this was a wonderful experience for my kids and for me."


Victoria Benitez

"My daughter did a dance photo shoot. She loved it. The pictures are beautiful and I had a hard time choosing. Monica is a pleasure to work with and gave my daughter creative ideas with her costumes. A special moment she captured was when my daughter just outgrew her first pointe shoes and Monica asked her to sign her shoes."


Vidalay Gallois

"Fantastic experience with Monica Hahn 2 months ago when I flew right from France. I wanted to make it for me and to see what I could be able to do in front of a camera. It's my very first photoshooting with a great photographer who knows how to bring out the best in you. I was very confident in Monica's guidance and then I felt beautiful...

Take a look at her awesome pictures and book your photoshooting"


Cynthia Henrichs

"Monica has an innate talent for capturing the essence of a person, their vulnerability and soul. All in a way that makes you forget you're being photographed. She is a treasure."


MaryRose Abplanalp

"Monica was absolutely wonderful!! She made my three kids and I feel comfortable in our own skin. My girls and I felt beautiful inside and out. I couldn't believe how comfortable my son was in front of the camera. I treasure all of my pictures and look forward to doing a photo shoot again with Monica"


Nelson Arrieta, Jr

"Monica and her team was so awesome to work with! I’ve been modeling for about 5 years and this was the best photo shoot I’ve ever had. She was so much fun and professional at the same time. Monica and her team made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that we got some awesome shots in. I highly would recommend going to Monica. Her studio is beautiful. Her team is beautiful. And her soul is beautiful. She just wants the best for you !"


Silvana Wilson

"My Life is definitely transformed after shooting with Monica Hahn. Not only was the experience super fun and free-spirited, but she was also great at helping her clients with social media and how to promote yourself as a model to get to the top in this competitive world. Very talented and professional, the one person who knows how to get things done."


Sarah Nalic

"Monica is highly talented, the team is super dedicated and professional, they will provide all the insights that you need plus Monica's focus is that you truly enjoy the experience and that each photo represents you, so she will spend time getting to know you and will make your moment beyond special, I promise! We did the photo shoot in NY, this experience will bring the best in you and gift you with forever moments to cherish! Go for it!!"


Robert Mrozinski

"Monica went out of her way to create a comfortable and "chill" atmosphere for my professional head shots. I am not the type of person who would normally feel comfortable having my picture taken in a "professional" setting and certainly would not think anyone would find enjoyment looking at pictures of me! Monica absolutely changed that for me because

- she's knows EXACTLY what she's doing behind the camera, from lighting and angles, to directing how to sit and where to look...and 2 - the pictures she presented me

with looked so crisp, clear and professional that I didn't hesitate to update my professional and social media profiles the day I got those pictures back. I've been told many times how much people like the pictures and that they look very "GQ"...which I took as a compliment :) If you need head shots, or whatever personal pictures you desire...go see Monica.

You will not be disappointed, I promise you that!"


Regina Fickas

"I enjoyed the photo shoot a lot. The vibe was relaxed and in turn it helped me to relax as I am not the most comfortable in front of the camera. Overall it was a very good experience and I know that I as well as my mom and sister really enjoyed ourselves"


Helen Jacobsen

"​The photo shoot was a pivotal point for me and my three granddaughters. For most women, no matter what age, our appearance and acceptance is critical.

Personally, I think the teens and early years have the most impact, because everything appears to be very black and white. A teacher that loves your work is significant, as is someone that makes a negative remark. I think all of us prefer more of the positive influence for our children and grandchildren

I think my granddaughters are all intelligent and beautiful. (They really are! :) ) ......I asked them ahead of time if they wanted to do a photo shoot with the hair and makeup in the mix. They thought it was a good idea but none of us really knew what to expect. I immediately sensed that this was going to be a good experience, when I spoke to and met Monica. She has an upbeat and buoyant personality, and was straight-forward and honest with the details. Couldn't be happier about that.

The finished product. Wow! The granddaughters LOVED their photos and so did their moms. Things were posted immediately to friends and family. These were professional, beautiful shots of the ladies. Who knew? They now have many beautiful pictures that they can post to friends, use for a job application or submit to an organization etc. This will be a lasting memory that they had with grandma. Thank you Monica for being the person your are and for the artistic gift you bring to each photo shoot. My best, Helen


Sherry Stewart

"​I was apprehensive about being professionally photographed, but Monica made me feel very comfortable with myself and in front of the camera. Not only is she an excellent photographer, but she is an amazing coach. I was captured in what appears to be very natural and relaxed state. Monica's creativity, knowledge and professionalism shine through. Her follow through after the initial photography session has been helpful and beneficial too. Once the photos are digitally delivered, there is still a lot to do, from selection of the photos, retouching, printing, etc. I highly recommend Monica and her team for memorializing special moments and events."


Kody Helm

"Man, what an amazing experience. This was my first ever photo shoot as I'm trying to build a modeling portfolio. I must say, Monica's knowledge in this space is incredible. I was really nervous at first but she made me feel right at home and I was able to relax enough to get some good shots. We shared some laughs at my goofy faces and poses but it was a great time overall. Incredible photographer and incredible experience. 5/5. Would go back any day."


Fiona Lee

"Monica is very personable, creative and experienced. She knows how to make anyone get in front of the camera with confidence and pose in a way that makes them look beautiful. She reveals a side of us that we never even thought was a part of us. She's full of knowledge and experiences and understands how to bring ideas to life and captured them beautifully. I've learned a lot styling, posing, and camera tips from chatting / working with her."


Evelyn Orcutt

"I found Monica and her stylist Jenny through the spa I get pampered at. I was the lucky winner of a full makeover give away they raffled off. I am not the biggest fan of being photographed, especially when I'm the center of attention, I have to say that this was a very neat experience though. Being a mom of 3 and a homemaker, I sometimes forget to remember me. Looking at my pictures, I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear as I saw me and all I could think was "wow, is that me?!" Monica and Jenny are fun, easy-going, free spirited who instantly make you feel at ease. I think that's important and it helps people relax, especially when doing something that is not up your alley. I would definitely recommend giving her a shot, pun intended ;)"


Imani Roberts

"She was very lovely and was all about making me feel comfortable. Pictures came out so beautiful. She brought out a side I didn’t know I had. 10/10 service she deserves every penny"


Pagona M. Lajllee

"Life changing. Monica has the passion and patience for her craft. Her approach truly blew me away. I love my selfies.... But I loved Monica taking pics of me, more!

The entire experience from first contact and on was smooth. Her team and friendly reminders kept me on pace up until the day of my photo shoot.

When you book Monica, you are in for a beautiful moment in time. "

The list of reviews goes on and on to over a 100+ reviews...

but I'm sure you're had your fill by now!




Fash.com "The Best Pros"

Lessons.com "Our Top Pics"

SD Voyager "Inspiring Artists"


NJBride Magazine "Editors Choice Boudoir Photographer"


Hollywood Beauty Magazine

KAVYAR Magazine

ROIDX Magazine

MAKEDA Magazine



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