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“Enjoy a photo session like you never thought you would. Then revel in seeing your finished images for the first time. Take a breath. Take it all in. So many of our clients gasp in sheer joyous disbelief and even tear up when they see themselves for the very first time in their photos. It’s my favorite moment as a photographer. ”

Our team is here to guide you through the whole photo shoot process. From your pre-consult call to choosing the right outfits. To prep tips and guided posing that allow you to flow through natural expressions of yourself. To assistance with choosing the perfect images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

You're in good hands now.


Complimentary PreConsultation Call

Getting to know you and seeing what this is all about

Because we know that a photo shoot comes with as much excitement as it does nervous anticipation, we make the time to have a complimentary consult call with you to walk you through what you might experience, answer any of your questions and begin talking about what a photo shoot would look like for you. From uncovering your personal style to capturing your personality. From discovering what you love about you and your features to what you dream and wish for yourself in photos - the Pre-Consult is our time to talk about how this photo shoot would come together for you.


Wardrobe & Styling

Choosing the right ouftits & defining the styles for your photo shoot

Bring your wardrobe an pair it with ours. Together we’ll create a wardrobe and styling list for your photo shoot. Sift through our Studio DREAM WARDROBE and find gorgeous gowns, dreamy tulle dresses, and flattering every day pieces that make the body look great on camera. Play in our accessories of furs, feathers, flowers and more! Find something sexy, something playful, something dreamy, or something very runway-like. This is your day to ‘dress up’ in real pieces and dreamy pieces. Let’s have some fun with wardrobe! For Head Shots, let’s be real and chose wardrobe that fits the needs and persona you need to capture on camera.


Your Professional Makeover

Relax & Enjoy. You're in good hands

Be pampered. Treat yourself to something special. Our team of professional Hair & Makeup artists will create your looks. From clean, fresh and vibrant for more natural looks to contoured with alluring smokey eyes for a more dramatic editorial look - our stylists are here to make you look perfectly gorgeous on camera.


Designing The Set and Mood for your Shoot

Backdrops, Props and Accessories

Every skin tone pairs ideally with different backdrop colors. From an assortment of solid colored backdrops to textured walls and themed editorial style backdrops, we’ll design a set that compliments your wardrobe style and flatters your skin tones. We’ll add props and accessories to build a story when needed and provide you with sofa’s and chairs and posing cubes - all things that will help you pose more comfortably and more naturally


Guided Photo Shoot

Flow Posing & Guided Photo Shoot

"I'm just not photogenic "....Well, most of us aren't and looking great in photos isn't about being naturally photogenic. It's about knowing your body and how to pose to accentuate your best assets and how to obscure the rest. It's about knowing what angles to photograph from and choosing the right camera lenses and how to shape the light around your features. But the expression must be real for the connection to be made on camera so ultimately it's about trust. Because when you trust us to know that you're in good hands, you can feel RELAXED & CONFIDENT in front of the camera; and that's when your natural self comes through with beautiful expressions that show your sparkle inside.

You can relax knowing you’re in good hands and we’re going to guide you through it all.


Building Your Portfolio

Selecting your best looks, styles and poses

This is the hardest part of our job.... sorting through the hundreds of beautiful photos and pairing it down to the very best only. Curating the best selection of different looks, styles, expressions from a choice of several outfits, compositions and movements is one of the most difficult things of all in our jobs. But we want to WOW you with only the best of you, so it is one of our most important jobs in building you a stunning portfolio.




Our signature edits and modern style cropping give your images that finished magazine style look. Some images are given a modern clean bright finish and others an old world masterly portrait style look and even some in stunning black and white versions. They are small features such as subtle light leaks, vingettes, graining, minor color enhancements, and skin toning adjustments that add just a touch of WOW factor. Things that you may not notice but gives your photos a touch more drama and vibrance.

We shoot on-camera for great poses, looks, styles and compositions that are engaging and gorgeous. We edit and crop to like the magazines to give you that professional look.

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The Reveal is the most exciting moment! It's the moment you'll be looking forward the minuite you leave our studio. In your private viewing session, we'll reveal all of your gorgeous finished images. Choose your very favorite images to display in digital and print formats from luxe albums, portrait folio boxes, wall portraits and more. Some people want images only in digital format and others want a special printed piece to showcase their favorite images. Display options are sold seperately. It's up to you how many images you fall in love with and how you want to share and showcase them.


See actual client photo shoots and feel what they experienced. See what they went through.



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Building The Shoot: Wardrobe & Styling & The Photo Shoot



Behind The Scenes modeling & portrait session

See, hear, and feel what the experience is like




I don't have a fabulous wardrobe, What should I bring?

DIG, BORROW, BUY or RENT. Dig in your closet for your favorite pieces, Borrow from your BFF's wardrobe, treat yourself and go shopping for that look you've always wanted, or Bring your favorite wardrobe selection and pair it with our gorgeous studio wardrobe filled with beautiful pieces specially curated for gorgeous on-camera looks. Not to worry, we'll have a wardrobe & style phone consultation prior to your shoot and we'll help you find the best options to bring. Note: studio wardrobe is for women only. Main studio wardrobe housed in San Diego.



I haven't lost the last few pounds yet. I have wrinkles, cellulite, blemishes or other areas of concern, should I wait? Can you help with this so I don't have to worry about it?

Not to worry. The way we pose you will bring out your most lovely assets and diminish those areas that you are most concerned about. Ten pounds isn't going to make a difference at all. It's about knowing posing, angles and lighting that make the difference. As for blemishes, wrinkle and such, our make up artists can address most of your concerns. We also provide beauty retouching that will take care of those small nuances.



I have never done this before, how will you help me prepare?

Not to worry, you will be guided through everything from picking the best outfits, posing and achieving your best look. You'll receive our Beauty & Style Prep guides, have access to our Studio Style Mood Boards filled with great inspiration for styling, wardrobe and posing. And we will set up for a one-on-one call to go over all of this with you in detail so you can relax and enjoy the whole process with confidence.

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What does your dream photo shoot look like?Let's set up a call to answer all your questions.

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