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All digital images are delivered online via a personal web gallery where you can download and share your portfolio images directly. Upon portfolio payment, an email with link to your online gallery with downloading instructions will follow.

For those on payment plan, your early release photos will be delivered upon initial payment and the remainder of your photos will be delivered upon payment completion.

​1) You will recieve an email with link to your online portfolio
​2) Visit Select "Contact". Select "Client Login". Individual portfolios are listed alphabetically by FIRST name.

Note: Group portfolios such as Companies/Family portfolios are listed by Company Name/Family Last name.



Payment plans are offered on LUXE portfolio purchases only. Payments are every 30 days from starting from the date of your viewing session. There is NO Interest. You have a 3 day grace period, after which a late fee of $50 will be automatically applied. Payments are made online via credit card. An 'Invoice Email' will be sent to you with link to pay every 30 days till payment completion. EARLY RELEASE PHOTOS: You'll get 4 images for early release with your first payment of $400 at your viewing session.

UPGRADE your portfolio to LUXE to take advantage of our payment plan! LUXE portfolios include ALL images seen at your viewing session + any behind the scenes photos. (2) 11x14 Matted Folio Prints. Free Headshot photo session. Free Update Portrait Photo Session. 6 additional fine detail retouching services. (Prices below based on 2024 pricing & packages). Contact us to upgrade. / 201-803-5262

* Upgrade from GOLD (24 image) package +$200

* Upgrade from SILVER (12 image) package +$560

See our PRINTED PRODUCTS PRICING MENU for beautiful printed products selections & pricing.

All packages include at least one 11x14 matted professional print. Once you've selected your image# for print, contact us and we'll have it shipped to you.
(ie, Portrait folio boxes, albums, model comp cards, prints, etc). Contact us to place your print order / 201-803-5262

The best way to share your selection of photos for print with us is to HEART your favorites & select "SHARE with photographer". See below for instructions on how to heart your favorite images, save to folders, and share your photos.


Heart your favorite images and save them to individual folders.

1. View your selected photo in LARGE (not thumbnail size)
​2. HOVER over your selected image
​3. A HEART icon will appear on the top RIGHT corner of the photo

Once you HEART an image, you will be prompted to create an account. This is a free and private account where you can create one or more folders filled with your favorite images. This is a great way to save specific photos that you want to share, print, or keep notes on for yourself.
(ie, name your folders: "photos for album", "photos for comp card", "8x10 prints", etc)




Share your photos with family, friends or agencies or with your photographer. Share 1 image or share your entire gallery of photos. Share your photos on social media... all directly from your online portfolio.

1. View your selected photo in LARGE (not thumbnail size)
​2. HOVER over your selected image. A MENU button will appear in the top LEFT corner of your photo
​3. Select SHARE. You will be given options on how and who you'd like to share your photos with.

To share your specific images with your photographer (ie, images for print, images for comp card design, storyboard layouts, etc )
​1) HEART your selected images.
​2) Save selected hearted images to a folder


All images in your portfolio have been lightly edited & retouched but you can request additional fine detail retouching. Fine detail retouching includes (but not limited to) body sculpting, additional fine wrinkle/blemish removal, stray hair removal, eye color enhancement, airbrush glamour skin polishing, etc...)

Please allow up to 7 business days for additional beauty retouching work. Once your retouched images are completed, you will be notified by email. Note, retouching work will commence upon final payment of portfolio. (Tip: if you are ordering printed products, you may want to choose your photos for print first, before deciding on which photos to have retouched).

BONUS $$: Write A Review

If you enjoyed your photoshoot and love your photos, consider sharing your experience & inspire others in a review online. BONUS $10 credit for each 5 star review posted as our thank you for taking the time to share your review! Or choose to select an additional digital image of your choice for download (limit bonus 1 image). Use your credit towards prints, retouching, additional services, or future sessions. Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews!

BONUS $$: Referrals

Refer a friend and get a $30 credit to use. Or choose to select an additional 3 digital images of your choice for download. Use your credit towards prints, retouching, additional services, or future sessions. Once your friend books a session with us, you will receive your bonus!

If you ordered a digital Model Comp Card Design or printed Model Comp Cards, we will send you an email requesting information to be printed on your comp card. Information requested will be: Full Name, Contact Info, Measurements. Comp cards are designed after portfolio purchases have been made in full.



If you ordered model portfolio prints (8x12 prints), please Heart your favorites and save it to a folder. Then select "share with photographer". See instructions above on how to heart your favorites & share.


There are many ways to get started in your modeling career. Check out our blog posts on all things modeling.

CANVA Design Templates

For your ease of use, we create certain custom designed layouts (ie, Model Comp Cards, Storyboards, Collages and Branding Designs) in Canva which is free and easy to use. Canva provides you with the ability to easily add/replace/edit photos and text. All of our designs are custom created and have been completed with your photos and information already placed. More information on how to use or edit your custom designed template below.

NOTE: your final designs will be added to your online portfolio. Below is simply information should you want to edit your design.


Common knowledge of CANVA is needed. CANVA is Free and Easy to Use! If You know how to drag, move elements, resize an image - to edit your custom designed template will be EASY for you! You can find a beginers guide with video tutorials online.


• PDF file(s) with a link to your design template

• Fully layered custom designed Canva Template file with your images & information placed


• EASY TO CUSTOMIZE ALL words, colors, fonts, sizes, etc.

• Easy to upload your photos & “drag-&-drop” your images

• Your design template can be downloaded as as a high quality PNG or PDF file. Select your desired file size before downloading


1. You Instantly access Canva link through Download. (Canva uses a login to the free version for the ability to save your drafts/edits/final versions.)

2. You can add or change your own images and edit your personal information.

3. You can customize the wording, colors, font, font size, placement and sizing as much as you'd like.

4. Save as a PNG or PDF files.

* For Model Comp Cards

* For Storyboard Designs

* Other shared design & marketing pieces

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Bonus Gift

Free Headshot Photo Session for Gold & Luxe Portfolios

Enjoy a free headshot photoshoot session. 45 minute photo session to capture stunning headshots. Use this bonus gift for yourself or gift it to a friend. Contact us to schedule your headshot session today.

Free Headshot


No Expiration.

Note, headshots are photographed from the chest upward (no full body shots).

If you purchased a GOLD or LUXE portfolio, your account will have a Free headshot photo session voucher noted. Valid after payment completion of your current portfolio. Hair & makeup services not offered for headshot sessions. See our Brochure for more details.

Valued at $125 San Diego studio / Valued at $175 NYC studio

Bonus gift with select purchased portfolios

Free Portrait


Bonus Gift

Free Portrait Photo Session

with Luxe Portfolios

Bonus gift with select LUXE portfolios

Enjoy a free update portrait photoshoot session. 2 hour photo session with multiple wardrobe looks. Share your next experience with a loved one like your mom or daughter. Gift it to someone special or use it to Celebrate you in a whole new array of outits. Try something different like sexy looks, boudoir, outdoor locations, business branding photos... experience the joy all over again with your free update portrait photo session.

Contact us to schedule your session today.

No Expiration.

If you purchased a LUXE portfolio, your account will have a Free portrait photo session voucher noted. Valid after payment completion of your current portfolio. Professional hair & makeup services additional. See our brochure for more details.

Valued at $175 San Diego studio / Valued at $225 NYC studio