POLICIES – Covid 19

Keeping you safe - Covid Policies and Procedures

INSIDE THE STYLE STUDIO with Monica Hahn Photography is committed to the safety and comfort of our clients. Whether in the studio or on location, our staff and our work practices are focused on keeping both you and our team safe and healthy. Our intention is to continue to provide the highest level of photography services without compromising the safety of all persons involved.

How we are protecting you in the studio:

  • Photographers and team members will all be wearing masks, washing hands before meeting any client and following stringent safety hygiene regime are mandatory for all staff.
  • We will sanitize common area surfaces such as counters, door handles and props, and equipment before and between each client arrival .
  • We will disinfect surfaces, floors and fabrics nightly and between every shoot using anti bacterial agents.
  • Our studio will be continually stocked with hand sanitizer.
  • Social distancing protocols will be used, with maximum number of 5 people in the studio at all times.
  • Arriving at the Studio:

  • Upon arrival you will be asked to call/text the studio for entry to avoid touching door handles into the building
  • At the studio you will be asked if you exhibit any of the CDC outlined symptoms of Covid19. Such as fever, difficulty breathing, a dry cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste etc. A release form will be required to be signed which will ask if you exhibit any of these symptoms.
  • Please call the studio to reschedule if you have a fever or are experiencing symptoms of Covid19, or have come in contact with someone presumed to be infected.
  • Before entry, you will be asked to use the hand sanitizer station just inside our main door.
  • All parties, except the person being photographed Must wear a mask or face covering at all times.
  • All parties must sanitize their hands upon entering the studio. Sanitizing solution or wipes will be available to you.
  • During the Shoot:

  • We will follow our makeup artists’ policies and procedures for safety.
  • Our photographers will not be able to help you with your makeup or hair, with the exception of giving guidance and insights.
  • Styling will be limited to client brought items or our current in house items that can be laundered nightly. All changes in clothing will be done in the restrooms and a laundry bag will be provided to place worn or tried on items inside immediately upon changing.
  • Our selection of complimentary hair and makeup items will, for the moment, not be available. We encourage you to bring your own and check everything twice before traveling to the studio.
  • We ask that you bring all food and beverages to be consumed during the shoot so as to reduce deliveries to the studio.
  • We will practice contact-less photography sessions… All dancer/client corrections and adjustments will be made verbally or through demonstration.
  • On Location:

  • Photographers and clients will travel to and from locations separately so as to maintain distance.
  • An action plan for each shoot will be decided upon in advance, to enable a contact-less shoot.
  • We will maintain the proscribed distance of at least 6ft and all participants will wear masks (with the exception of the client when shooting)
  • The dancer/clients will be given advice and guidance of wardrobe changes in advance and the plan will be followed so that the dancer will be able to accommodate all changes and bag carrying themselves.
  • All gear/wardrobe/items to be used will be sanitized prior to shooting and upon returning to the studio
  • Our commitment to the health and safety of you, your families, and our community is unwavering. We know that together, we can create outstanding images that create confidence and excellent marketing, while maintaining the safest possible environment to work in.