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We'll discuss your brand and design specifics to create the visual storyline that will envelope what your brand photoshoot will be about. 30-45 min.

Brand portfolio photoshoots give you a library of relevant personalized images that showcase your brand, your style, brand personality, and message of what you do. It creates a visual storyline of your brand in a way that connects with your audience. We'll capture shots for use on your website and social media, plus materials for marketing & PR.

Vital to a successful brand photo session is the Pre-consult call where we will discuss your brand, your visions and key elements that should be designed into your photoshoot to bring the whole picture together with clarity and style.

• 4 wardrobe looks

• Headshots, half & full body shots

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Depending on your profession, we may choose a location to shoot at such as your office, a coffee shop, resort backdrop, corporate setting, etc

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Using the right brand props & accessories are foundational elements to telling the story of what you do and what your brand is about.


TeleHealth Psychiatric Treatment

During the covid pandemic, all of us had to readjust our way of doing business. Stefani, like many other's took her traditional practice and developed a virtual way of connecting with her clients. Post pandemic, Stefani found that she loved this new virtual way of meeting with clients - so she began her own full time TeleHealth practice in her home.

She that she was moving away from working for a hospital with hospital provided patients, Stefani had to develop her own base of business and a brand that would attract new clients for her. Our Brand Photoshoot session focused around showing the 'professional' side of her and also a 'personable' side that made people feel at ease with wanting to connect with her. We chose to shoot in our studio with a elegant modern couch, table stacked with industry books that speak to her specialization, her laptop and phone (as that is her main way of conducting her client consultations and therapy sessions).

For a service oriented business, it's important to photograph the person in-action and with visual props that lend to the visual story of what they do.

We create graphic design marketing pieces for your brand!

After the photoshoot session, I gathered all her photos and selected key images and created marketing design templates for her to see her photos in-use on her website and social media pages. We photographed a library of image for Stefani to have at her fingertips when she needed to create future marketing pieces; including a Blog theme for her to share case studies and valuable tips with her audience.

Successful Branding starts with a clear STRATEGY, that's why we offer our Brand Strategy sessions to help you identify key elements that will help you create a cohesive and synergistic brand that your audience can easily identify with. Then the photoshoot takes planning to know which elements will be important, what outfit selections will create the right personal image and what props, accessories, and backdrops should come together in the whole mix of your Brand Photoshoot Session.

If you need help after your photoshoot with creating dynamic Brand Marketing and Advertising pieces, we can help you with that as well. Find out more about how we can help you create the right Brand Image!

Meet Kaleen


VELVET is her new online fashion & styling boutique. She wanted an exciting, modern, and urban style promo video to launch her opening day. As the model and icon for her brand, we focused on Kaleen's sweet and vibrant personality. With only a few items to showcase in her new brand, we focused more on the lifestyle of her brand - which we defined to be: young, modern, urban, simple and stylish. We defined her audience as young 20's and on the go. They are not fussy or fancy, but love to express a little style everywhere they go. We chose an urban lifestyle setting that wasn't too fancy - A place where young 20 something's would be found in the city. Click on the photo to watch Kaleen's promo video we created to launch her new clothing brand called VELVET!

^ Click image to play video

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Broadcast Spokesmodel and Personality

Erika currently works for the Major League Baseball Network (MLB) as a spokeswoman. She currently travels the country interviewing sports stars and would like to expand her platform as an on-camera personality into other areas of broadcasting.

She came to me understanding that building a website that showcases her work and her compelling spokesmodel persona is key to expanding her platform and opportunities into the next levels of national television and broadcasting.

Step 1: Defining the characteristics of her personal brand and spokesmodel image

Brand photoshoots are not just a collection of random photos. Erika and I needed to discuss and define the key characteristics we wanted to capture in photos.

Vital to success a national spokesperson is their ability to exude a persona that is personable, engaging and vibrant - and always professional. Being filmed on-camera means their sense of style and visual looks are important. They need to personify confidence, strength, and personality wrapped in a visual presentation that the national audience will find pleasing.

STEP 2: Defining the style, look, and compositions of her brand photoshoot

With that said, we discussed the right wardrobe, style, setting/backdrops, props, and expressions to focus on for her brand photoshoot. Since her spokesmodel career falls within the entertainment industry, we decided on professional looks that are modern & stylish, but not overly glamourous or too formal. We decided on classic colors and neutral tones that would complement her . We stayed away from fashions that were to trendy or bold to keep the focus on her and not what she was wearing. We wanted her photos to have longevity in relevance so we kept to looks that were simple and classic.

Photo Compositions

Before any brand photoshoot, I make sure to find out what and where clients plan to use their photos so I know what types of compositions will be necessary to capture. For instance, Instagram posts require a square crop, whereas the profile photo is a circle. Facebook banner photos are wide and narrow and LinkedIn photos are standard portrait and landscape size. I photographed Erika with her photo placement needs in mind, giving her photo composition options that would have an ideal fit for several areas of her public online platforms.


Robert is a corporate director who guides teams in leadership skills. He motivates teams, teaches leadership strategies, and helps unite and market the corporate brand. It is important for those who haven't yet met him to see his confidence and connect with his online persona. Charismatic in nature, Robert connects well with people in person but when it comes to the camera he will tell you "it's not really my thing!". But in today's world you have to reach beyond the people you speak to everyday. You have to relay a strong outward visual presence to connect with larger audiences and show them what you're made of. Our key words to define Robert were: Confidence, Leadership, Connectivity, Relate-ability, Witty, and a strong sense of Professionalism. The Modern Businessman and public speaker is more than a suit. He has charisma, intelligence, a touch of style and a sense of character which we admire.

I never thought professional photos could make such a big difference.

My website needed a face lift. It was boring and filled with stock images. Monica took the time to understand my brand and my new website. She listened to me and quickly had a good assessment of my brand and my goals. She had suggested ideas I hadn't even thought about that were great. She even gave me outfit ideas that made me look much better. Somehow she made me feel very comfortable & confident on camera. I honestly couldn't believe it.

The new photos I got with Monica made a BIG difference! I had so many compliments and best of all, my brand had a spike in inquiry responses after I launched with these GREAT Photos! I would recommend Monica Hahn Photography to everyone.



125+ Client Reviews

~ Jaimie Lindart

Thank you for the educational and productive session today!

Our intro meeting definitely helped to clearly define the areas that were missing, such as knowing your audience, and propelled us into a focused brand and marketing strategy foundation.

I’m extremely excited to be diving in and learning about this area of business, and am glad that Madi and I were able to connect with you. As discussed, I will be creating company profile documents and will start by writing everything I know about them. From there, Madi and I will review to find any patterns between people across different companies and regions. Madi will also be finalizing our style guide based on the new orange logo. We hope to bring you some solid findings for our next session and that these facts will take us to the next step.

We’re looking forward to developing our brand and we’re ready for the action!


Brand Strategy & Development Sessions

125+ Client Reviews

~ Hannah Yun

CEO, Manex (EMS Software)

Tell us about your brand. let's build an image library to suit your needs!