Payment Plans

Afford More

Of What You Want


Zero Interest.

Montly credit card payments.

Monthly payment plans

for our Luxe Portfolio & Collections

If you purchased a Luxe digital portfolio or one of our packaged Collections, a monthly payment plan is available to you at no interest. Our payment plans simply makes it more affordable to own everything that you want!

• Zero Interst.

• Monthly Credit Card Payments.

• Get 4 photos for early release.

• No penalty for early payment in full.

See below for FAQs & Details.




Choose a montly payment plan that suits your needs! Your total package cost will be divided into equal monthly payments. Here's an example

Example: Total Cost $600

2 month payment plan = $300/month

3 month payment plan = $200/month

4 month payment plan = $150/month

5 month payment plan = $120/month

6 month payment plan = $100/month

What are my payment plan options?



Each month you will recieve a monthly email reminder with "e-INVOICE" that your next payment plan bill is due. Your email will have a link to your e-invoice where you can enter your credit card information and submit payment for that month.

• e-Invoice

• pay by credit card

How is payment made on payment plans?



No. There is no interest on payment plans.

Is There Interest Accrued On Payment Plans?



Are There Late Fees or Other Fees?

There is a late fee for late payments after the 3 day grace period, but no additional other fees. You will recieve an email reminder before your next montly payment is due. Then you will have a 3 day grace period upon which to pay. After the 3 day grace period, an automatic $50 late fee will be applied. If you have extenuating circumstances and can not make payment on time on any given month, simply contact Monica directly to let her know. Waiving late fees may be a possibility, but you must contact Monica prior to your payment due date.



When Do I Get All Of My Photos?

All of your purchased photos will be delivered upon payment plan completion. There is an 'early release' option to get 4 photos on early release before payment plan is complete. See details below.



How Do I Get 'Early Release' Photos?

If you want a few photos immediately, we have an option for you. Simply pay $400 at your first payment and you'll get 4 photos for early release. Early release photos are given within 72 hours of your $400 initial payment.

If you choose your payment plan at your viewing session, then you will be able to choose the 4 images you want for early release. If you choose a payment plan AFTER your viewing session, then our studio will select the four photos for you. We will choose amongst your favorites selected. You may have input as to which photos (ie, you can tell us that you would like 2 photos in the green dress and 2 photos in the red dress).



Can I Pay Off My Balance Early To Get My Photos Earlier?

Yes. You can pay off your balance at any time with no penalty. Your photos will be released within 72 hours of payment completion.