“Reveal, Remember and Capture this teenager before you…”


Teenagers are brave and fearless yet vulnerable and innocent.  Their hopeful willing eyes growing into a part of this world with excitement yet facing the everyday realities.  It’s an incredible time of inner growth where they begin to discover who they are as individuals.  Their adult personalities begin to form, their personal style begins to evolve and their minds are challenged to grow each day.  The teenage years are special, but go so fast.  This is their moment to shine bright.  Remember them for all that they are right now.  Let their inner self shine on camera.  Let their style and personality come alive in their very own photo shoot.  It’s a day for them to have fun and express who they are…and be remembered and captured for life.

Teen and senior portrait sessions are always fun and make a great memory for the parents and friends who join them on this very special day with us!  We’ll shoot several outfits and looks to capture their bright teen personalty and style.  Be expected to be guided from beginning to end with beauty and style prep guides, senior picture ideas and inspiration, professional makeovers, and guidance for incredible looks and poses in front of the camera.  Teen photography and senior portrait picture photo sessions are one of the most popular gifts to give from parents who’s children already have it all and are looking for something truly fun, special, memorable and unique to give their teenagers!

Come have some laughs and fun with us in our Teen & Senior portrait picture session.  Photo shoots with makeovers.  See our in-studio senior photos below or find our on-location outdoor lifestyle style senior photo sessions.  From urban city backdrops at our New York studio to beach locations in San Diego & Los Angeles studios.