“The Art of Fashion brought to life”

The runway is a shimmering catwalk flooded with lights; full of beautiful fabrics, stunning designs and gorgeous models that bring it all to life.  Photographing runway is as much a thrill as it is a technical art of capturing just the right look in just the right moment.

When you’re looking for a model and runway portfolio book photographer, you’ll need a portfolio  look book, comp card and a good photographer who has experience in the industry to help you get a good start.  Shooting runway or a modeling portfolio is very different than shooting portraits and senior pictures. Your photographer should be able to guide you in the basics of what you need to get started, understand the industry, terminology and what  agencies, model scouts and booking agents are seeking.  Getting professional guidance and strong posing direction while on set from your photographer will be key to having a great portfolio, especially if you’re just getting started in modeling.  Look at a photographer’s Reviews to find a good one. Lastly, find a modeling photography studio that can put it all together for you with professional hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling, and industry knowledge so you walk out with a professional portfolio which will get you noticed and booked by modeling agencies for modeling jobs.  We are a full service studio with modeling photographers, runway coaches and a full staff of professional makeup artists to help you put it all together.  If you have questions on how to get started, what you can expect, or general modeling portfolio questions, call or contact us and we’re glad to help you make the next steps towards success!



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