“Living Portraits”

Outdoor lifestyle portrait photographers have a love of both the people and the places they photograph at.  I’m a fashion and beauty portrait photographer.  I’ve lived in the great metropolis of New York City to the heartwarming core of the Midwest and now in beautiful sunny California.  Each setting has it’s own vibe, just like each of us have our own own vibe.  Outdoor portraits represent who we are in a lifestyle very true to us.  From cosmopolitan urban grunge to beautiful serene beaches, we all have a lifestyle and dream setting that represents who we are.  Outdoor photo shoot sessions are like living portraits.  They are as much about you as they are about the setting we capture you in.

Choose your own destination or join us at one of our favorite spots near our San Diego, Los Angeles or New York studios.  This is a photo shoot experience to remember.  We look for backdrops that are stunning but don’t take away from you.  Such as outdoor backdrop locations that have great texture or color or compositional space and find the right angles to photograph you into that outdoor compositions.  Sunset photos are the most beautiful, but so many struggle with capturing the light right.  Often times you find the model subject dark and the sunset gorgeous.  We want you and the sunset to shine in your photos!  City urban landscapes are fun and edgy to photograph but there’s often so many elements that busy the photo. We know how to find the right poses, angles and positions to capture the feel and look that you wish for in your your outdoor lifestyle photographs. These elements are where a professional outdoor lifestyle portrait photographers like us can bring it all together for you.  Read our reviews and see what fun and how much our clients loved their photo shoot sessions with us.  Inquire about a session for yourself or with your BFF or family or give a photo shoot session as a special gift to someone you love!