“The Power of first Impressions”

In this competitive corporate business world today, standing out from crowd becomes more important than ever.  With the presence of social media and the importance of websites, our first impressions are often ‘seen’ before they ever get to be heard.  Tell the world who you are in visual images that represent you for your many faucets and talents.

So many of us say we need better headshots and we know it’s true.  At first you might try to have a friend take it or even using a selfie, but ultimately it falls short of actually representing you in the way you really wish for the world to see you.  Professional corporate / business head shots are about knowing the right lighting, the right angles, helping you with strong poses, and ultimately letting you relax knowing you’re in good hands so you can just be yourself so your photos capture your true personality and natural expressions.  Type in head shots near me and you’ll come up with a thousand options of  head shot photographers from cheap hobbiest photographers to true professional photographers.  I encourage you to find a head shot photographer that you connect with.  Call them and see if they understand you and see if you find yourself at ease and feeling comfortable when you connect with them.  This will let you know you’ve found the RIGHT photographer for you!

HEADSHOTS WITH MAKEOVERS – Get it RIGHT the first time and Get Noticed!

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