“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”


We are not born athletes, we are made into the athletes that we are today.  These photographs of athletes in their sport represent more than a face and an physically fit body.  It represents a special connection to a sport .  It represents victories and defeats.  It represents a raw vigor to win and to excel.  The figure of an athlete is great, not just for their physical form but for the chances they took to achieve it.  I simply took a ‘shot’ at what I saw in these athletes in action and in my studio.

I invite you to join me for an invigorating day of releasing your inner athlete in front of my camera. This is about capturing your body, form, and love for your sport at this great moment in your life.  Enjoy the photo shoot experience and have incredible photos to look back on and enjoy for life!  Book your session today.


Note: “FenceOgraphy” is a special division of Inside The Style Studio with Monica Hahn Photography, dedicated to the elite sport of Fencing. These are their stories, their bio’s and their passions in action on the fencing strip. Sports photography and athlete portraits

FenceOgraphies” are Fencing Photo Biographies.