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Out-Of-Camera Photo -vs- Old World Masterly Portraits

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Color vs. Black & White

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Edits: Dark / Light / Black & White

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1 Photo / Different Crops & Edits

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Color & Light Leaks

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Artful Portrait Style Edits

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Cropping To Bring Out Expression

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Cropping To Focus On Body Form

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'Magazine Style' Cropping.

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Photo Compositions

Modern Color Edits

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Vintage Film Edits with Grain

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Color Fading

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Our signature Edits are light but add depth and beauty in layers of subtle textures, color pigmentation, gaining and vignetting effects. It adds a hint of drama and attention to detail. Everything is done to draw attention to our subjects.

All edits are done individually by hand. From old world masterly portrait styles that create artful LEGACY Portraits to modern, fresh and vibrant edits that suit the mood of today’s LIFESTYLE Photos.

After we have curated your best images into a personalized portfolio of your best looks, styles, expressions and poses – we’ll begin the editing process. We may turn some of your images into dramatic Black & White’s. Others may have a warm portrait tone or cool contemporary feel. Each photo is evaluated individually for its photographic qualities in mood, tone and setting. No two photos are alike, so no two edits are alike.






Client Reviews

Monica is absolutely amazing!!! So happy to have found her online for a branding photoshoot, she is extremely knowledgable and makes you feel confident and beautiful! For me, the fact that she has a makeup artist and hair stylist available was a game changer, she also gave me some great advise on outfits, even received a short but super informative video about what to expect at the branding photo shoot, I absolutely love her and will be referring her to all my friends, family and clients. Thank you Monica for your amazing services!!
Rosie Zuno
Had an incredible session with Monica! She is very knowledgeable about the creative industry and was able to not only give me direction on my photos, but also help me navigate my career! She walks you through every step - I'll be back again!
Monica knows her stuff, I was shocked at the amount of detail that goes into her shoots. She is a veteran in the business, and you'll want her to take your photos no matter the project or event. You can't go wrong with her "style"! She makes sure you get the best images during your session. I highly recommend. I would add her to the rare list of top shelf photographers.
I just LOVE Monica!! Her energy is contagious and her knowledge is a wow! I’ve done photo shoots before and will say Monica knows more about posing than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She made the day so fun and so easy. She had so many great ideas starting with wardrobe. She brought some outfits she thought I’d like and yes I did!! It’s always fun to play dress up in someone else’s clothes. She literally brought clothes across the country for my photo shoot!!! Her communication from the first minute of contact until the end and even after then end top notch. I was not rushed at all and she was meticulous looking at my hair and makeup. I can’t wait to see my photos-thanks Monica! From photographer to friend ❤️ ps this photo shoot was three years in the making!
Monica is such a fun & engaging photographer! She really made me comfortable in front of the camera. The pics I previewed look incredible! Like me, but at my best. Glad I had Fatima do my makeup, too. Definitely worth it. Highly recommend!
wow! I don't think I have the right words to even say how AMAZING Monica is! from start to finish she made this photoshoot so exciting! From the call to prep for the shoot and really taking the time to hear your vision! To making it come true. Thank you Monica for making me feel so confident and sexy and for making my vision come to life. I absolutely love my pictures and highly recommend her 🙂 Thank you so much Monica and i cant wait to shoot with you again

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