Photography PROPS To Make Your Real Estate Brand POP!

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In the competitive world of real estate, where every click counts, captivating photography can make all the difference. As a real estate agent, your goal is to showcase properties in the best possible light, quite literally. Beyond just capturing the dimensions of a space, thoughtful props can add depth, personality, and warmth to your brand photos, setting you apart from the competition and enticing potential buyers to envision themselves in their future home.

Here are some valuable prop ideas to elevate your real estate photography game.

by: Monica Hahn

Brand Photography & Marketing Director



• Your Brochures

• Work Supplies: Laptop, phone, ipad, calculator, planner

• Contracts and paperwork that close the deal

• Lockbox / Pair of keys

• Personal Signs and Riders (Sold, For Sale, etc)

• Clipboard & Pen

• Marketing Guides

• Favorite coffee mug / cup

• Construction hat/ Hammer / Blueprints

• Thank you cards

• Flower arrangement

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• Coffee mug with your logo, quote, name

• Cell phone case with your logo

• Laptop case with your logo

• Fashion Glasses (for a stylish intelligent look)

• Personal Tote Bag (monogramed or with logo)


• Number Balloons ( Celebrating 10 years as a Real Estate Agent)

• Popping confetti

• Champagne and crystal glasses to toast

• Open House Treats (tray of cookies)

• Closing gift


• Purse in the shape of a house

• Architectual 3D Model

• Signage with your personal quote

• Vintage Keys or XLarge Keys

• Iconic Home Books like Modern Architecture A-Z, Architectual Digest 100, California Romantica

• Customized Welcome Mat

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Props liven up a brand photo and show what you do with personality!

...So grab a few of these real estate props to use during your photoshoot - and have fun with it!

Did you know that visual content increases people's desire to read

by 80%?

Let's Join Forces... and make this happen for you!


Don’t keep your message quiet or allow your brand to blend into the crowd. Make an unforgettable statement with riveting photographs.


Accompany your brand message with a selection of compelling imagery that will share a greater meaning and have an even stronger impact.


Be the irresistible topic of everyone's conversation. Your extraordinary visual content will capture your audience's attention and keep them wanting to know more from you!

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