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"In this digital era,

your headshot is often your first handshake".

Getting our headshots updated are on most of our to-do lists... but somehow it always falls to the bottom or just never gets done. Next thing we know, we have headshots that are outdated by too many years. Maybe your skin was a few years younger back then, but the style of clothing is outdate, the backdrop options are sooo yesterday, and the lighting and clarity of photos don't compare to the crisp bright quality of today's camera's.

If your career is important to you... then make your headshot your TOP PRIORITY!

Find a photographer that CONNECTS with you.



Connection is the most important thing in a headshot. Since headshots are so closeup, your facial expression must feel authentic. If you're not comfortable or don't connect with your photographer, then your discomfort or awkardness may come through on your facial expressions. When you connect with your photographer, you'll trust and feel comfortable to be at your best self!


A photographer that takes the inititative to call you will show that they have interest in wanting to make a personal connection with you.

Headshots & Makeover by: Inside The Style Studio


Find a photographer that will PREP you with the right OUTFITS & STYLE.


Certain outfits, colors, and fits will look better on camera. Other outfits can be distracting or make you look unflattering in photos. That's why I offer a wardrobe consult call prior to my client's headshot session & also send them a prep guide. I send both a STYLE guide for best wardrobe options and a BEAUTY/GROOMING guide on how to prepare hair, skin, nails, lips, eyes, facial hair, etc...


For bright white eyes, use a few drops of Visine or Lumify for fresh clear eyes. It gets rid of any red veins and cloudy/gray eye whites.

Headshots by: Inside The Style Studio

Find a photographer with EXPERIENCE.


In my 12 years of experience, I've come across too many people who got headshots they didn't like... and that just put them back on the hunt for another photographer to get their headshots done right. Usually less experienced photographers are cheaper...but as the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for."

An experienced photographer will be able to help you relax and direct you into poses that give you natural looking shots with beautiful expressions.


Photo by San Diego Headshot photograher at: Inside The Style Studio

An experienced photographer will also know the right types of lighting set-ups for your skin type, hair color, and style of headshot. They'll know the right composition and best angles to capture you in for your headshots. Professional studios will have a larger selection of backdrop options and colors for you to choose from.

Each person I photograph has a different face & body type, so I accommodate for that with slightly different posing & shooting angles. For different skin tones (darker/lighter) I accommodate with varying light levels and even types of light sources (strobes vs. constant lights). To create moodier personal headshots, I'll choose a different lighting setup. For those who want a dark backdrop and has dark hair, I'll be sure to add a hair light so their hair has a nice shine and stands apart from the dark background instead of blending into the background. It's often the little details that make the biggest differences in headshots.

Find a photographer with a STUDIO space.


When a photographer can only meet you outdoors for headshots, you are limited to the conditions of the daylight on that day. Outdoor shots can be beautiful but is better suited for portraits. It's a softer look. Shooting in a studio will allow the photographer to have the backdrop colors you. Most studios will have studio strobe lighting and beauty dishes which are most ideal for crisp strong headshots. It doesn't matter if it's a home studio or commercial studio. Most studios will have the proper equipment that's right for professional headshots.



Ask your photographer to capture a range of expressions for you from friendly connective smiles to powerful confident looks.

Photo by San Diego Headshot photograher at: Inside The Style Studio


Find a photographer who is good with POSING.


Since most of us aren't natural super models when it comes to posing, find a photographer who is well versed in directing you in different poses. It will help you make a more natural connection on camera and give you more dynamic headshots.

Most of my clients say my direction and guidance with posing helped them feel much more comfortable and natural... and that helps your headshots look authentically true to you!

Headshots with Makeup by: Inside The Style Studio


Find a photographer that offers RETOUCHING


Headshots are so close up so you may want a little retouching. Weather it's to fade away a few light wrinkles or even skin tone out, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, smooth out hair, etc..

Choose a photographer whose style of retouching you like; or at least offers several options for retouching. For business headshots I prefer to retouch with a light polished natural look. But when it comes to pageant headshots, I'll retouch the headshots in a high polish glamorous look.

Headshots & Retouching by: Inside The Style Studio

Headshot Studio


with Professional Makeup

A headshot photography studio with professional makeup services will allow you to sit back, relax and know that you will have the perfect camera-ready look for your headshots!

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Before & After # 2 ^

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Check out our

HEADSHOT Photo Sessions

MAKEUP Services


This is a 1 hour in-studio headshot photo session at our San Diego photography studio.


1 hour / In-studio

Guided posing

3 outfits (tops)

Multiple backdrop options

Lightly edited & retouched

Professional makeup optional

Digital & print images sold seperately



San Diego Headshot Sessions

Professional Makeup Services +$150

Top San Diego Headshot photographers shares tips and advice on how to choose the right headshot photographer for you. For instance, when choosing a local headshot photographer, there are a few questions you should ask and a few key things to look for so you can make sure you will get the best headshots.

Since headshot photographers in San Diego are plentiful, how do you find one that will give you a stunning look with natural expressions? Is retouching of your headshot photos important? Is professional makeup services with headshot important to you?

Not all headshot photography studios offer makeup services but getting your makeup done correctly so that it’s camera ready is key to a fresh, vibrant, youthful look. See our before & after makeovers for headshots and portraits.

Furthermore, local headshot photographers range in price and also in quality. So what’s most important?

Since you will only be getting your headshot done once every few years and you want your headshots to make a strong first impression, finding an experienced headshot photographer should be most important. As well, other services such as photo retouching for headshotswill give you the most polished headshots. So consider those few additional services.

Finally, you should connect with your photographer on a call to make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you are not comfortable or do not connect with your photographer, that akwardness will show in your photos. So take a look at this article for some good helpful hints.

Ultimately, your headshots are your first impression online. So it should be of highest importance to you.